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OSU Bands Night - 4/13/2014

Today Sarah and I attended OSU Bands Night at Ohio Stadium.  The event was a great chance for the university to introduce its great music programs to high school students, even those who do not intend to major in music.

First there was a concert on the field by the Spring Athletic Band.

Spring Athletic Band

Next we moved into the Steinbrenner Band Center within the horseshoe where we were introduced to the directors in the music department.  Then we had a pizza dinner.

We were then divided up into smaller group and given a tour of the horseshoe by the section leaders of the band.  The tour passed thought the band equipment room were the uniforms are stored.  There was also an area were there was an informal collection of hats from other universities that were traded for with visited bands.


Finally, the high school students with the section leaders playing along did a concert of school songs.  No rehearsals, so basically the high school students sight read an entire concert.


Sarah really enjoyed the day.  And I was so proud to see my Sarah playing along with the Buckeyes at the horseshoe.

Click here to see more pictures from OSU Bands Night.

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