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My First LEGO Order - 1/2/2014

Over the past few years I have bought some small LEGO sets as Christmas gifts for Sarah.  Each have been part of the Architecture series and have been places that Sarah and I have been to.  The first ones were small sets, like the Empire State Building.  This past Christmas I gave her two medium sets of the White House and the U.N. Building.

And just recently I discovered LEGO's Architectural Studio.  It is a large set and it's not designed to make any one specific build but rather explore architecture styles, methods and theory.  I suddenly realized that LEGO isn't just for kids.  I'm in love with the Architectural Studio.  Unfortunately the set is not available and a LEGO store employee recently told me that they didn't expect the set to return.

So over the past week I have pieced together a Pick-A-Brick order online that I think approximates the Architectural Studio.  I set my budget for my order at around $100 and the final price comes to $109.70.  This first order comes up to 639 pieces, which is about half that of the actual set of 1210.  The biggest thing I'll be missing is the 272 page book that comes with the Studio set.

I placed the order online tonight.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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