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Intimadator 305 Version 2.0 - 6/23/2011

Sarah and I extended our visit to Virginia one more day to stop again at Kings Dominion.  It's a great park and I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to visit while we were in the area.  Another big reason I wanted to stop was to check out the changes made to Intimadator 305 during this past off season.

Rumors during the coaster's opening season last year was that the high speeds and G-forces were causing guests to gray out in the first turn and the wheels to over heat.  Sometime during last season brake trims were added to the first drop to slow the coaster.  Whatever the reasons, the radius of the first turn was increased, the climb to the second hill begins much sooner and the brake trims have been removed from the drop.  New, more comfortable over-the-shoulder restraints were also installed last year to help reduced the head banging on the old restraints.

It was time for Sarah and I to test drive the revamped coaster.  Intimadator 305 Version 2.0.

I didn't experience and gray outs on I-305 last year, so I never understood those claims.  I definitely remember my hand banging on the old restraints.  The new restraints allowed me not to have to ride defensively.  Instead, I was able to put my hands high, ride care free and truly enjoy the coaster.  I didn't notice any change in the speed of the coaster.  I was hoping with the trims removed that the second hill would be my new airtime favorite.  That didn't happen - Millennium Force still remains my favorite.

I did very much enjoy the coaster more this year.  Due to the new restraints and not necessarily the changes on the track and brake trims.

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