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Blog #357

Wendy's new 'Natural-Cut' Fries - 2/11/2011

Wendy's has recently introduced a different version of their fries.  They call them 'Natural-Cut' Fries with Sea Salt.

'Natural-Cut' Fries

Don't let the term natural fool you into thinking that these fries are healthier than the old version.  Here is a partial rundown of the nutrition facts for a medium serving of the new fries...

Calories 420 (10 calories more than original fries)

Fat 20 grams (1 gram higher than original fries)

Sodium 500 mg (150 mg more than original fries)

Carbohydrates 54 grams (2 grams higher than original fries)

Protein 5 grams (1 gram more than original fries)

What do they mean by 'natural-cut' fries?  What was 'unnatural' about the way they cut the old fries?  Not only goes 'Unnatural-cut' fries sound unhealthy, it also sounds evil and diabolical.  What have they been feeding us all these years?

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