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1.5 starsUnstoppable - 11/27/2010

This afternoon Sarah and I went to see Unstoppable at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  The action film starred Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

This is the story of two men who try to stop an unmanned runaway train.  The film didn't waste too much time getting to the wayward train rolling from the yard and slowing gaining speed.  There was plenty of action, stunts and special effects.

I just couldn't get into this film as much as I thought I wanted too.  There was just too many things I didn't believe and too many technical errors.

When some is running along the top of a train and jumping from car to car and they reach a gap that is too big to jump the person doesn't need to just stop.  Each car has a ladder at each end.  Climb down, stop across the coupler and climb back up the next ladder.

When you are climbing onto a moving train engine and miss the front ladder, that is not the only way to get onboard.  There is another ladder at the rear of that engine.  And in this movie the runaway train had two engines, so there were four ladders on each side of the engines to grab a hold of. 

In another scene they try to slow the train with an extra pair of engines in front of the train, while a helicopter lowers a man onto the top of the runaway train.  Why didn't the guy hanging from the bottom of the helicopter simply get a ride on the additional engines, walk to the back and step across to the front of the unmanned train?

This was an OK movie.  You might want to check it out if there is nothing else better at the theater.

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