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2.5 starsThe Other Guys - 8/15/2010

I went with Alex and Tim to Movies 10 to see The Other Guys at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  Wil Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg starred in this comedy about two cops who try to make a name for themselves by solving a big case after the two super cops in the department are killed.

The movie starts with Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson playing the two action heroes who grab all the headlines and get all the women while destroying dozens of cars and half of Manhattan in the process.  It's great that the filmmakers were able to get these two huge actors to play these roles for just the opening scene in the movie.

The film had a ton of laughs and lots of action.  The movie also had a good story that moved the action forward.  But most of all it is a great comedy.  Wil Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg are great together.  I'd like to see Wahlberg in more comedic roles.  Michael Keaton is hilarious as the police chief.  It's good to see him back on the screen again

It's a good movie.  Go check it out.

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