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New Car - 6/4/2010

For the past couple of months I have been looking for a good used car to buy.  For the past month and a half I have had my eye on a blue 2005 Toyota Celica in West Virginia.  I have already contacted the credit union and been pre-approved for the car loan.  A couple days ago I wasked Alex if he would ride with me to the dealership to take a look at it.  If I liked the car and made a deal to buy it, I could do it all in one trip.

This morning Alex and I headed to Bridgeport, West Virginia.  We looked over the car and took it for a test drive.  The car looked great, good color, sexy design, decent gas mileage, is in great condition for a used car and only 40,191 miles.

We worked out a deal and the car was mine.  Working out the details between the dealership and the credit union took a couple hours and turned the trip into an all day event.  it was almost five o'clock by the time I was back in Athens and finished with the vehicle inspection at the DMV and signed the final papers at the credit union.

2005 Toyota Celica

2005 Toyota Celica

2005 Toyota Celica

Crissy asked me why I bought a Toyota Celica.  I said "It's sexy... like me."

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