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Blog #274

Fun Barn - 5/3/2010

For our weekly night with the family Sarah and I joined Crissy and Jake at the Fun Barn at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.

First we ordered our food before heading off the games.  Sarah was eager to get me in the roller coaster simulator.  Three bucks each and we were strapped in.  The graphics reminded me of the No Limits coaster design simulator on PC's and the track made me think of a B&M coaster.  The ride time was long enough and had plenty of twists, turns and inversions.  Some of the coaster elements were crazy.  Things that I couldn't imagine would ever get built into a real coaster layout.  But I guess that's the point.  When the ride was over I did feel a little queasy.  It was just enough to notice.

Sarah and Jake played more games while Crissy and I talked.  Before long our pizza was ready.  We shared a large specialty meat pizza and with drinks it was under eighteen dollars.  It wasn't the best pizza on Earth, but it was pretty good.

Crissy and I talked while the kids were off playing again.  While we chatted I watch several people play 'Deal or No Deal'.  During our entire visit I saw about 6 to 8 people play and none of them had more than 8 tickets in the case they chose (out of a possible 400).  Despite this, one played walked away with 201 point by taking the deal from the banker.  Could it be rigged?

Jeff stopped by just as we were about to finish our stay at the Fun Barn.  Sarah cashed in her tickets for a hat and some candy.

It's always a good time with family, food and fun times.

Crissy sent me a text on the way home to say that while she was walking out of the Fun Barn, she saw a player having 100 tickets in his case on 'Deal or No Deal.'  I guess that kills that theory.

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