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Blog #265

Tax Season Reward - 4/12/2010

For the past several years I have bought myself a gift at end of each tax season, as a reward for not killing any of my co-workers or clients.

The first gift was in 2005 when I got myself a Fujifilm FinePix S5100.  Most of the other gifts over the years have been Fossil watches.

The S5100 was my first digital camera and has work flawlessly over the years.  I especially liked it's 10x optical zoom.  But now it's time t upgrade.  I choose the Nikon L110.

Nikon L110

The camera was diliveried to the office today and tonight I unboxed it.

Nikon L110

The Nikon has more optical zoom (15x) and much better ISO capabilities (up to 6400).  And an added bonus, it's shoots 720p video.  Of course I had to get a red one.

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