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Blog #243

Snow Tubing at Mad River Mountain - 2/21/2010

Today Crissy, Derek, Jake, Jenny, Amy, Matt, Zander, Sarah and I went to Mad River Mountain Ski Resort to go snow tubing.

We arrived at about 11:30am, after the two-hour drive.  We all change into our warmest clothes in the parking lot before getting our 3 hour tubing passes.  The temperatures were in the mid 30's with no wind at all and a bright overcast sky.  There was a large crowd, but not unmanageable for the most part.  There was a large crowd at the top of the tubing chutes around 2:00pm, but by the time we left at 2:30 it had thinned out some.  I think all of us hit each of the ten chutes and no one crashed.  We all had fun and got a good workout too.  we had the most fun when we woudl go down the hill in a large group.

Jenny, Me, Crissy, Derek, Amy, Matt - Sarah, Jake and Xander

Jenny, Me, Crissy, Derek, Amy and Matt.

Sarah, Jake and Xander.

On the way back to Nelsonville, we stopped and had a hot meal at Bob Evans in Marysville.  I just had to get some hot tea and chicken-and-noodles.

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