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Blog #228

Party in Morgantown - 12/19/2009

Today I drove to Morgantown, West Virginia to Rob and Dwayne's place for their Christmas party.  The drive through the mountains normally takes under three hours, but with the heavy snow coming down today it took three hours and forty-five minutes.  There was about and inch of snow in Nelsonville when I left.  Morgantown had about a foot of snow.  There were times in route 50 between Parkersburg and Clarksburg that I was traveling at just 25 miles per hour.

Here is a quick glance at my truck before I left Nelsonville.

My truck in the snow

At least the mountains looked beautiful with the snow cover.

I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Rob and Dwayne and their friends, eating and having a few drinks.  The bar was closed due to the heavy snow, so we simply stayed at the house.

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