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3 starsThe Proposal - 7/28/2009

Tonight Matt and I saw The Proposal at Movies 10.  This romantic comedy stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds with Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and Betty White.

So everyone already knows how these romantic comedy things work, right?  The guy and girl end up together.  It's not like I letting out any government secrets here.  But this movie does it in a way that is not completely predictable.  There are some plot twists that I found surprising and really added to my enjoyment of the film.  The movie had a good story and a few touching moments as well.

Of course it is a comedy too.  I really had a great time and laughed out loud several times.  Betty White is a riot.

The Proposal is a very good movie.  Go see it and have a fun time.

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