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Blog #186

Rhapsody - 7/17/2009

This evening Crissy, Derek, Jenny, Jessica, Tommy and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Rhapsody on the Public Square in Nelsonville.  Ever since my first visit, I have always said that Rhapsody has the best food outside any metropolitan city.  And tonight I can say that again.

Crissy and Derek celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

I began my meal with a Crazy Jamaican and a Caesar Salad.  For my entree I had pan seared halibut cheeks with vanilla creamed corn, polenta fries and sweet chili sauce.  Everything was perfect.

For dessert we all shared beignets which are always out-of-this-world.  Of course I couldn't resist ordering an additional dessert for myself.  I had the honey ice cream.  It was to die for.

Great food, great drinks and great company for a fantastic evening together.

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