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Kings Island and Caesar Creek State Park - 6/8/2009

After Sarah's half day of school and final day of the school year today, we headed out on the first leg of our summer vacation.  Our first stop was Kings Island and camping at Caesar Creek State Park.

First we drove to the campground to set up our tent.  The campground has about two inches of topsoil then nothing but rock beneath.   I bent several tent steaks and I was starting to get a little frustrated.  But as soon as the tent was up we immediately headed down the interstate to Kings Island.

As soon as we were inside the park we headed straight to Diamondback for 5 great laps.  Sarah hit the water rides; Whitewater Canyon, Congo Falls and I joined her on The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure.

For the first time ever we both tried out Drop Tower.  It wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought it would be.  Sarah enjoyed it enough to get a second ride right away.

We finished the evening with 4 more laps on Diamondback as the sun slowly set.  The ride through the forest grew darker with each lap.   Our final ride of the night was lit up by the closing fireworks display.  I was able to get two of my favorite things at the same time; fireworks and roller coasters.  Yay Me!  So we finished the day with a total of 9 laps on Diamondback.

After a short drive back to the campground we were straight to bed.  We'll need our rest for the long drive to Holiday World tomorrow.

Kings Island fountains

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