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Kings Island and Diamondback - 5/2/2009

Today Sarah, Tommy and I spent the day at Kings Island.

For me, the highlight of the day (other than Diamondback) was meeting Scooby Doo and Spongebob Squarepants

Me and Scooby Doo

Me and Spongebob Squarepants

During the afternoon while sitting along International Street, the three of us were treated to a bonus.  A magician came to our table and performed several close-up magic tricks for us.  The purple-hair man did card and rope tricks.  It was a very nice and unexpected addition to our visit.  Thank you Kings Island.

Sarah and the Magician

Late in the day Tommy and Sarah took advantage of the water rides in the park.

First up was Congo Falls...

Sarah and Tommy on Congo Falls

Tommy and Sarah on Congo Falls

Tommy and Sarah on Congo Falls

Next was The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure...

Sarah and Tommy on The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure

Tommy and Sarah on The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure

And their final water ride of the day, Whitewater Canyon...

Tommy and Sarah on Whitewater Canyon

Of course the highlight of the day for all of us was Diamondback.  With our early entry to the park we were able to get three rides on Diamondback plus one on The Beast in the first hour.  Sarah and I were lucky enough to get our first three rides each on a different train and in order (Green Train #1 first, Red Train #2 second and Brown Train #3 last).  We were also lucky to get our first ride in the second row.  Great height, fantastic first drop and hill after hill of airtime.  The front offered more floater-air while the rear seats had good ejector-air.  And just like all the other B&M coasters in the world, it was such a smooth ride.  The water splash at the end didn't create much breaking, but is a great crowd pleaser for the onlookers.



We finished our trip with a night ride on Diamondback.  The ride through the woods in the dark was great... and a little chilly.  Sarah and I were again lucky enough to get this final ride of the night in the second row.  Our night At Kings Island was capped off with the park's fireworks.

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