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Government Spending - 3/24/2009

Republicans often accuse Democrats of "tax and spend" tactics.  So I thought I would share some figures from a recent article I saw on Yahoo News.  The figures are for each of the past three presidential administrations that were in office for 8 years each, so the comparisons are equal.  Also the amounts are stated as percentages so there is no need to adjust dollars for inflation.

Increase in government spending during their 8 years in office...

Republican Ronald Reagan - 69 percent.

Democrat Bill Clinton - 32 percent.

Republican George W. Bush - 68 percent.

The size of the government as a share of total economic production...

Republican Ronald Reagan - shank slightly from 22.2 percent to 21.2 percent.

Democrat Bill Clinton - dropped from 21.4 percent to 18.5 percent.

Republican George W. Bush - grown from 18.5 percent to 22 percent.

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