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Blacklick Woods Canopy Walk - 5/24/2024

This afternoon Crissy, Jake, Emma, Sarah and I took a family trip and met at Blacklick Woods Metro Park in Reynoldsburg.

Canopy Walk

We were interested in exploring the newly opened Canopy Walk.  There has been a good bit of hype on the internet since this opened officially on Friday, May 17, 2024.

Jake, Sarah and Emma

The boardwalk stands 40 feet above the forest floor and the swamp below, and it takes 72 steps on a zigzag staircase to get up there.  The Canopy Walk can also be reached in comfort and ease via an elevator, making it available to wheelchair users or anyone who would find the stairs a challenge.

Emma and Sarah

We all had a great time exploring the boardwalk, treehouse, rope bridges, hammocks, fireman's pole and cargo netting.

Canopy Walk

Crissy, Emma, Jake and Sarah

We all enjoyed this unique experience and I can imagine that we'll be seeing more of these in parks in the future.

Next we ventured to Downtown Columbus to introduce the Steenrods to Dirty Franks.

Dirty Franks

This is always a fun place to eat and try something different.

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