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Solar Eclipse - 4/8/2024

Today, Sarah and I journeyed to Wapakoneta, Ohio to view the much anticipated total solar eclipse.  This would be my second time seeing a solar eclipse in totality and Sarah's first.

We left the house just after seven for the two and a half hour drive.  We arrived at Veterans Memorial Park at ten.  There was plenty of parking when we arrived and we found a nice plot of grass for a viewing spot.


The park had a walkway to the Walmart right next-door.  So we were able to do some shopping while we waited.  And there was even a Domino's Pizza inside the Walmart where we bought a pizza for lunch.


The entire duration of the eclipse in Wapakoneta was 2 hours, 31 minutes, 22 seconds and the partial eclipse began at 1:54:32pm.  Sarah and I took turns observing the partial eclipse grow larger over the next hour through a pair of solar eclipse glasses.

With much anticipation the total eclipse began at 3:09:31.  I took a moment to take in the awe and wonder of the sky and all its beauty.  And then in a flurry of activity I took as many photographs as I could.  First with my old Sony camera and then switching to my new Canon as quickly as possible.  Totality lasted 3 minutes and 57 seconds and concluded at 3:13:28pm.

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

Click here to view all of my pictures of the Solar Eclipse.

Then someone in the parking lot began blasting "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.  We glanced around the park before we quickly gathered up our gear and packed up.  The partial eclipse continued in Wapakoneta until 4:25:54, but we were already on the road.

We easily reached the freeway and headed home.  We expected to get home in 2 1/2 hours, but with some heavy traffic between Dayton and Columbus it took only an additional 15 minutes.

Looking at my photos, I can see that the ones taken with my old camera were better.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that I don't have much experience with the new camera and the hasty switch between cameras.

I was very happy to share this rare experience with Sarah.

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