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Blog #116

Halloweekends - 9/19/2008

Matt and I drove this afternoon to Cedar Point to get the full effect of Halloweekends.  Several years ago I had ventured through one of the scare zones while taking in a ton of rides.  This time I was at the point to experience every scare zone and every haunted house.

We arrived at the park as the gates opened at six o'clock.  And off we went to get some great rides as the sun went down and the scare zones waited to open at eight.  Raptor, maxAir, Wicked Twister, Power Tower, Magnum, Maverick, Skyhawk and Millennium Force.

Fear Faire was the first fight zones we checked out.  I was nervous as we entered, as I wasn't sure what to expect. There was a lot fog and a few scares.  The best part was seeing a guest putting their young son into the guillotine and taking his picture.

Club Blood was next.  The doorman was great, as he welcomed us into this nightclub from hell.  The lights and music from the Matrix was cool.

The Pharaoh's Secret had some very cool effects.  The room full of stars was a first class effect.  Although nothing in this haunted house really gave me a real scare.

Next we headed to Terror Island. This was really a great setting on Millie Island. Tons of fog, great lighting effects and lots of pirates.  A few times the fog was so thick I couldn't see were I was going.  The cannon was a big scare.  The mermaids were cool too.

CarnEvil was right next-door and next on our list.  The master of ceremonies welcomed and to their freak show. There were great scenery and lots of wild freaks.  The lady with the baby stroller really twisted my mind for a minute.  This was truly a great themed outdoor haunted attraction.

Undertaker U. was the next haunted house we ventured through.  The funeral direct that welcomed us to the mortuary school was great. The surprise blast from the floor gave me a good fright. The spinning tunnel really messed with my head. I knew what the trick was, but I still fell against the railing.

CornStalkers was my favorite scream zone. The dark isolated and claustrophobic setting was very effective.  The narrow path lined with tall stalks of corn was great.  The screamsters hiding in and behind the stalks were great.  The outhouse was cool.  I saw the surprise coming and let Matt get it.  How did they get the tractor and truck into Thunder Canyon?

The Fright Zone on frontier trail gave me one last good scare.

The weather was great.  We had clear skies and perfect temperatures.  Even as the park closed at midnight it was cool and not cold enough to need a jacket.

Matt and I look forward to coming back tomorrow for more rides.

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