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Season Passholder Appreciation Day at Cedar Point - 9/7/2008

Driving to Cedar Point Sunday there was some light rain.  I was a little worried that it might turn out to be a miserable day to visit the park.  I got to the gate just before 10:00 and the rain had stopped.

I started off with an hour of exclusive ride time (ERT) on Raptor.  I was able to get six rides, including the first train on the day, in the first hour.  The second hour was early entry time on four coasters.  Millennium Force was down for the morning, so I moved on to Maverick, which I only had to wait 15 minutes.  Then I rode the first train of the day on Mean Streak as the park opened for regular business at noon.  I rode in the very back seat... I'll never do that again, OUCH!

Gemini, Magnum, Skyhawk, Wicked Twister and maxAir were virtually walk-on rides throughout the day.  I spent most of the day riding Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force, which both had wait times of about 15 minutes each.

The longest line of the day was over 45 minutes... for food.  The park had a special meal deal for us passholders.  One stand in the whole park was fixing the food for all of us.  The hot dog cooker could hold 28 dogs.  I think they need a little more planning.

By the end of the day I had ridden TTD 7 times and MF 9 times, including 2 rides in the front and that included the front row of the very last train of the evening.  Those last 2 rides in the front were right at sunset.  It was a great view from the lift hill, but I was covered with gnats by the end of the ride.  It was nasty.  Ya gotta love it.

The night ended with an hour of ERT on Magnum (4 more rides) and I got to talk to Tony Clark, the marketing guy at CP.

The shortest lines I've seen and most rides I've ridden in one day since the 80's.  The weather turned out perfect, cool and mostly cloudy.

I left the park just after 9:00pm and was in bed at 12:46am.

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