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Blog #107

Another Cedar Point trip - 8/6/2008

Our day started very early so that we could get one of the first rides of the day on Millennium Force.

Sarah had previously agreed to ride Millennium for the first time and that it would be our very first coaster when we arrived at Cedar Point.   We woke up just after 4:30 so we could be on the road by five o'clock.  We arrived at the gates just before nine.  Once we showed our passes for early entry, we ran down the midway to get in line.  We managed to be on the ninth train of the day on Millennium Force.  I had Sarah sit on the left so she would get the best view of Sandusky Bay as we climbed the lift.  Also, as we climbed the lift I was trying to scare Sarah a bit by talking about how the lift was faster than other coasters and near the top we felt it go faster still.  The ride was great as always. As soon as we were off the coaster I asked Sarah what she wanted to do next.  She said that she wanted to ride Millennium again.  So we did.  This time we decided to ride in the front row.  While we were waited the extra time for the front, the lift stopped half way up the hill and the coaster was down for about 45 minutes.  The additional wait wasn't fun but when we finally got on we forgot all about it.  It was another great ride.

Some of the other rides we managed to get on were Corkscrew, Wicked Twister, Maverick and MaxAir.  We rode Chaos for the very first time.

We stopped by the Extreme Sports Stadium to see All Wheels Extreme.  It was an exciting show with music dancers but most importantly bikers, skateboarders and rollerbladers.

Later in the day Sarah said that she might want to ride Power Tower after she first rides Demon Drop.  I explained to Sarah that it was fine that she wanted to ride Demon Drop and that we would do it.  I said that after she rode Power Tower she would probably think that starting out on Demon Drop was a waste of time because Power Tower is a must better ride.  Demon Drop is loud, clunky and rough.  Power Tower is so smooth, but of course it is twice as tall.  We rode Demon Drop and have a good ride, while we saved a ride on Power Tower until tomorrow.

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