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Bus trip to Cedar Point - 8/2/2008

My friend Laurie invited me to go along with her and a group of her friends on a bus trip to Cedar Point.  A free ride to my favorite place and free admission with my season pass... count me in.  I am so there.

We met this morning at Peden Stadium around six o'clock and loaded up the bus.  On the road we talked, ate snacks and played games.   We arrived in heavy traffic at the park around eleven.  I put on some sun block, a quick group photo and we were ready for some serious fun.

Over the course of the day we rode a total of nine rides.  The wait in line for most of the rides was about 45 minutes.  Maverick had the longest wait of about an hour and a half.  We took in a show at the Palace Theatre and ate while we were there.  This was the first live show I've seen at Cedar Point in years.  On my next trip I'll be sure to catch some more.

While in line for Millennium Force some of our group started dancing and getting wild.  Especially Larry.  It was quite a show.  So much so that complete strangers were taking pictures and videos with their cameras and cell phones.  I wonder if any of it will end up on YouTube.

We all rounded up just after ten o'clock to get back on the bus for the long ride home.  I managed to get into bed around four in the morning.

This was one of my best visits to Cedar Point.  Thanks Laurie, Jeff and Larry.

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