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Emma’s Dance Recital - 6/5/2021

Sarah had arrived in town this morning just in time to attend Emma’s dance recital.  We drove together to Lancaster High School where we joined Mom, Crissy and Derek.  This was Emma’s fifth recital.  However, it was the first one that I have attended and I was very impressed with all of the performances.  The dance styles varied from tap to hip hop to ballet and were presented by groups of different experience levels.  Emma’s group performed a hip hop number titled "Bop".

There were a few numbers that really caught my attention and impressed me: “When Doves Cry”, a tap dance; “Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer” from the musical Cats; and the most impressive of all, a ballet piece set to the Two Cellos version of “Thunderstruck”.

At the conclusion of the event, dance members were presented five and ten year awards for which Emma received her award for five years.  It was a great time for the family to get together and share this experience with Emma.

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