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3 starsWall-E - 7/6/2008

This afternoon Sarah and I drove to Movies 10 to see Wall-E.  Disney and Pixar's computer animated tale of a robot left behind to clean up the future Earth.  He soon falls in love with another robot that comes to Earth on a mysterious mission.

It's a kids movie with some heavy messages of love, commercialism and the end of live on Earth.  The Disney machine keeps marching on.  This time they wrap a kid's movie around some adult themes and pull it off very well.  The love story is done very well and is simple enough that kids can follow along.  The anti-Walmart theme is funny most of the time but ends up being ran into the ground.  The doomsday plot is vague enough to go over the heads of the young ones.

The story is great and moved along at a good pace.  The visuals are very good and the sound design is excellent.  And there are some very funny bits as well.

Wall-E is a very good movie.  Kids and adults will both like it.

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