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Blog #93

Pride - 6/28/2008

I started my trip to Gay Pride this morning as I traveled with Matt to Columbus.  This was my second time at Pride and Matt's first.

We parked his car and walked along High St. until we found our place to watch parade.  The parade had the usual drag queens, twinks and bears.  But I was impressed with the number of families and churches.  There also seems to be an awful lot of banks represented to.  I'm not sure what economic message one might interpret from that.  After the Monster Energy Drink van had passed along the parade route I realized that they were handing out condoms.  That was so funny.  I would have loved to got my hands on a Monster condom.  What a great advertising ploy.

At the end of the parade we joined the other 120,000 people and walked to the Pride Festival at Bicentennial Park.  We checked out the vendors and entertainment.  I took the opportunity to get a free HIV test.  I tested negative (as usual, because I'm a good little boy).  A rainstorm rolled in and we made a run for the car

We drove to Easton for a meal in out of the rain and then for some shopping.

That evening we headed to Tradewinds for a nigh on the town.  Some beer, fuzzy navels and Jell-O shots was enough to get me to dance my ass off.  I was also able to work up quite a sweat.  By the end of night the bar had gotten so crowded we could barely walk around.   It was even getting a little difficult to breathe.  There sure were a lot of people having a great time.

We headed back to Logan and Nelsonville after a great day at Pride.  I hope to have at least this much fun again next year.

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