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Blog #79

Cedar Point - 5/21/2008

It was the first day of our two-day trip to Cedar Point.

Sarah and I arrived at the park right on time and had our season passes processed in record time.  We also received our free V.I.P. jackets which came in handy... it was a bit cold.  Cloudy and a chance of rain, which is what I want because it keeps the crowds away.

I did get Sarah onto one coaster that she hadn't been on before... Mean Steak.  She actually liked it, even for a rough wooden coaster.  I even enjoyed the ride.  Maybe the cool temps made the ride better.

We rode Magnum enough to find the best seat (car 2, row 1).  We were able to experience it with the trim brakes on and off.  With the small crowd at the park I was able to take my first ride ever in the front row of Magnum and it was also one of the last trains of the day.

After the park closed we were able to stay and ride Maverick for an hour of ERT (exclusive ride time).  By the time we finished riding and walk all the way back to the main gate there was hardly anyone around.  Cedar Point was all lit up and so quiet.

Then back to the hotel and some sleep.  More rides tomorrow.

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