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2.5 starsSpeed Racer - 5/12/2008

Tonight Sarah and I saw Speed Racer at Movies 10.  A live action adaptation of the 1970's animated series from Japan.  Brought to the screen by the Wachowski brothers, who also gave us the Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta.

Starring Emile Hirsch as Speed, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci and Matthew Fox.  The movie has an artistic style like I've never seen before.  Bright neon colors and a fast editing pace.  When the camera isn't on the action on the track the film is shot entirely in close-up.  Several times during the movie the editing pace was so fast that it became hard to really get into the action and drama of the sequence.  I didn't feel the danger and failed to get very excited about the action.  Goodman and Sarandon do a good job as the parents.  I was completely amazed that Christina Ricci still looks so very young.  And beautiful too.

Being that this film is an adaptation of the old TV series I was expecting the film makers to try to push my nostalgia button.  That never happened.  Two years ago with Superman Returns the filmmakers really pushed all the right buttons.

A good bit of action and a very unique visual style.  A good movie, but not great.

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