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Blog #68

2.5 starsThe Forbidden Kingdom - 4/19/2008

Tonight I was off again to Movies 10 with Matt to see Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano and Collin Chou in the new fantasy-action-adventure, The Forbidden Kingdom.

It was a good movie.  Good, but not great.  Great fight sequences, great visual effects and beautifully shot.  There was a good story but they did seem to add a lot of unnecessary details and exposition.  This extra story construction almost felt as if it were from the Lord or the Rings.  Was this an attempt by the filmmakers to build the simple story of going after the bad guy into an epic saga on a much large scale?  The great action makes up for any flaws in the story telling.  The movie was also a comedy, with a lot of truly funny bits.

Action.  Comedy.  Fantasy.  Adventure.  Something for everyone.

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