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2 starsSuperhero Movie - 4/2/2008

Matt and I headed off again to Movies 10 to see Superhero Movie.  Billed as a spoof movie of the superhero movie genre from the guy who brought us Airplane! in 1980.

Starring Drake Bell and Sara Paxton (I have no idea who they are).  With ole favorites Leslie Nielsen, Marion Ross, Jeffrey Tambor, Tracy Morgan and Brent Spiner.  I was expecting a movie packed with tons of references from countless superhero film.  Instead this was simply a remake of Spiderman.  Funny, nonetheless.  What?, no slams on Superman, Batman, The Hulk, X-Men, Wonder Woman or Daredevil.  The targets are endless.  Still, lots of great bits and great slapstick.  Several times I really did have good belly laugh.  Just sit back, turn your brain off and laugh.

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