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3 starsVantage Point - 3/9/2008

Tonight I saw Vantage Point at Movies 10.  The unique telling of an attempted assassination of the president starring Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker and William Hurt.

With a great star-studded cast and a beautiful locale, the events of the film are repeatedly shown from different points of view.  Each showing a varied perspective and adding details each time.  The repetition of the events isn't annoying due to the action, mystery, variety of outlooks and fast pace.  The film keeps you engaged and thinking.  Full of action, stunts and great chase sequences.  There are several great plot twists in the story.  The finale is intense and full of non-stop action.

Vantage Point was a very good movie.  I couldn't stop watching.

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