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3.5 starsI Am Legend - 12/19/2007

Tonight I saw I Am Legend at Movies 10 in Nelsonville.  Action.  Suspense.  Fear.  And the requisite shot of Will Smith shirtless.

Will Smith is a great actor in this film.  It is the most intense PG-13 film I have ever seen.  During the film began to wonder if it was actually rated-R.

The visuals of an abandoned New York City are amazingly photo-realistic.  The scenic mix of real-world and Hollywood fantasy is astounding.  Having said that, the zombies in the film look as if they were simply imported from a video game.  Let's face it; this is an updated zombie movie.  The bad guys just didn't hold up as well as the great backgrounds.

The bad guys do jump up and scare you.  But not as often as I thought they might.  I kept thinking that one was about to jump out at me, but rarely did.  Which is possibly what the filmmakers were hoping for.  The filmmakers also found other ways to make me jump.  So congratulations to them on their creativity.

The movie was good enough to give me a case of the Heebee Jeebies as I tried to fall asleep.

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