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2 starsThe Golden Compass - 12/8/2007

Tonight I saw "The Golden Compass" at Movies 10.  I was hoping to see a great adventure with lots of action.  Sure, there was some of that and great special effects too.  Unfortunately this film is like so many of the recent book-to-movie adaptations, beginning with The Lord of the Rings, that are simply a seemingly endless series of steps needed to achieve the ultimate task.  Make friends with this person, join forces with that group, solve a minor mystery, fight the occasional battle, etc, etc.  Haven't we all seen this before?  And just like The Lord of the Rings I have a feeling that in the end the three films can be edited down to a single two-hour movie and you wouldn't miss a thing.

Nicole Kidman looks stunning of course.  Daniel Craig is hardly seen past the first twenty minutes.  Are his eyes way too blue?

This is the first in a trilogy of films based on the books.  I wont be seeing the next two films.  Nor will I be purchasing the DVD when it is released.

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