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Blog #28

Van Halen - 10/10/2007

My friend Junior and I went to the Van Halen concert tonight at Q Arena in Cleveland.  We were a little late to the show and missed a bit of the opening act.  I'm still not sure who it was.  They were a good reggae act, but kind of a strange choice to open for Van Halen.

We had good seats.  They were just below the corporate boxes, on the side of the stage.

Van Halen just fucking kicked ass.  It was rockin.  Loud, lights, smoke, lasers, confetti (can you cay "deforestation"), props (can you say "giant inflatable phallic microphone")...wow.  Great light show.  The sound was great.  They played only songs from the David Lee Roth era.  No Sammy Hagar tunes.  Which still provided them with plenty of material.  Eddie is a guitar God.  During his long solo he did stuff with a guitar that blew my mind.  I was in awe.  I know how he does it, but still I kept asking myself "how's he doing that?".  My ears will be ringing for days.

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