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Blog #25

Hairspray - 9/25/2007

Tonight Sarah and I attended the performance of "Hairspray" at Memorial Auditorium at Ohio University.

I didn't tell her what we were doing.  We simply walked up to the college green.  She saw the crowd of people headed towards the auditorium.  She asked me, "What's going on over there?"  "I don't know, let's go see" I replied.  We walked in the lobby and only when she saw the souvenir stand did she realize what was going on.

It was hotter than hell in there.  Someone needs to tell OU about that new invention I read about on the internet called air conditioning.  The show started 20 minutes late.  We had good seats.  Just left of center three-fourth of the way back.

The show was great.  Rockin!

I really had a good time.  And I think Sarah liked it too.  She said that she applauded so much that her fingers were tingling.

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